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While growing up in India then living in America and Australia I realized that Yogic Sanskriti (Spirituality) has been lost, mostly for the good part of it. The real meaning, the core spirituality is missing. People go on performing lifeless rituals and there is a lot of ignorance about the truth, misconceptions about the wisdom behind Yogic Sanskriti (Culture). In the name of Yogic Culture, a culture of Seeking, the desires have been wrapped into the spiritual garb and human nature is denied. People, especially in western countries will not be able to genuinely "seek" the divinity within,  the Yogi Parampara, true Spirituality unless it is given to them with proper wisdom behind it, the science behind it.


For that purpose, the Wisdom holders, the Self-Realized ones, Enlightened ones have to take responsibility not only to share the wisdom but also to find out ways to pass it on to future generations as Yogi Parampara (heritage built & passed on through tradition). We not only have to share the Truth, but also remove the misconceptions by explaining the science behind it and impart the technology of yoga in a way that can be applied in daily life & can help transform the level of individual consciousness. Everyone should live like a Yogi and not a Bhogi (experiencer) or a Rogi (sufferer).


ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय । मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय । ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Yogi Parampara is an effort of ACNC Registered Charity Being Shiva Foundation


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One on One 

Learning with Adiguru Prakriti 


Your Inner Self, the Real You

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Ultimate Transformation

4 Sessions of an hour each online through Skype or Zoom. Fees - AUD $599.00




Adiguru Prakriti is a Self-Realised Guru and provides many different types of Initiations; suitable for the Seeker's spiritual journey. The required initiations (Shaktipath, Guru Deeksha, Mantra or Tantra Deeksha and many more) are embedded into the One-on-One Sessions with her. Initiations can be taken without the Course as well. 

Our Course Benefits


Ancient Wisdom

Adiguru Prakriti is a Self Realized Guru and her Wisdom, Shakti & Siddhis are beyond Time & Space. She imparts ancient wisdom in a powerful way, so the Seeker is transformed forever and is able to experience the world beyond senses, body & mind. Perception & Consciousness alters and gives seeker an ability to reach Samadhi (Enlightenment).


Personalized Curriculum

One-on-One sessions with Adiguru Prakriti are personalised as per your need & helps you; walk your spiritual journey with conviction, clear your doubts, get personalised spiritual practice and transform speedily without falling into pitfalls.

Enlightened Guru can see within you!


Adiguru Prakriti provides all different types of Deeksha/Initiation to the seekers.

Fees for each Deeksha/Initiation is AUD $550.00.

Donate for the Shiva Temple ANADILINGA

Eastern cultures have witnessed the glorious, sacred consecration of thousands of Shivlingams in different countries since time immemorial. Anadilinga is another magnanimous one, the consecration of which will be witnessed esoterically by graced ones. 

Anadilinga will be the essence of entire yogic sciences and it does not attribute to any particular belief system, religion or faith. It's purely scientific and existential in nature. It's a technology that works regardless of one's faith in it and will benefit all around tremendously in breaking the unconscious patterns and raising their consciousness. People of any race, religion, caste, creed, gender will be able to come together and Meditate in peaceful surroundings. The esoteric consecration process will ensure that it doesn't require any ritual or worship going forward and will reverberate pure cosmic energy for possibly thousands of years to come.


The mercury-based Anadilinga will be consecrated by the Self-Realized Guru, Mystic and Yogi Adiguru Prakriti through intense Meditation (Samadhi) for months/years through the ancient process of prana-pratishtha. From the metaphysical standpoint, Anadilinga will be a Master, a Guru with tremendous energy to unlock the potential of everyone around. By helping spiritual practitioners achieve higher meditative states, Anadilinga will offer the presence of a living guru. 

For more information about Anadilinga please visit www.anadilinga.org

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