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Art of Being

Experiencer, Knower and Being are three dimensions of your existence. Cut through the noises of these dimensions, go beyond all boundaries and transform your perception to be a Being that you truly are. 


Your story as an Experiencer, as a Knower actually knows no limits and keeps going to the extent that you create suffering for yourself in one way or the other. How to navigate through the world, through this life & relationships safely in a way so that no more new sufferings are created and all old wounds are healed? With Adiguru Prakriti, learn through this unique course, ways to calm down the Experiencer, the Knower and learn the science of the Art of Being.

Session 1 - The Experiencer

Session 2 - The Knower | The Being

Session 3 -  Methodology | Practices of Art of Being

Each session is of an hour. 

Program Fees

AUD $ 699



Man With Digeridoo

Art of Being

Experience the Experiencer within

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