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Here are some Ebooks in PDF format that you can download. As you enjoy reading them you can donate any amount to help our efforts, each penny counts. If you would like to volunteer & contribute in other ways please feel free to write to us at


The books here are for knowledge purpose only and we do not claim the ownership, copyright or content authority over the subject matter as all that belongs to the authors and publishers of these books. There are books written with true and genuinely authenticated wisdom sources and then there are some which are a mere expression of the psychological world of the author. Readers must use their Viveka (Power of discernment) while learning through different sources. and must be responsible for his/her own life. If you see any book here that should not be for public domain please contact us and we will remove it. As per Australian copyright laws, copyright expires 50 years after publication. and hence the publication is available for public domain. For more information, you can visit the National Library of Australia website. 

Most books below are in English, but some are in Hindi and Sanskrit as well. Names of the files tell you what it is about. Files are arranged in alphabetical order. From time to time we go on adding more books. 


IT Books

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