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Different types of Shakti & their Purpose

Understanding Divine Feminine Principles through Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Guru and other different types of Shakti & know their purpose. Learn how Shakti can help you walk your spiritual journey quickly and transform you inside out. Initiations of different Shakti help seekers achieve specific goals. 

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Duration - 3 Hours



Video Course

Advance Level

Language - English

Prerequisite - Read Article

Who are the different types of Divine Shakti? How to understand the Divine Feminine Principle? What help do Shakti Initiations provide to seekers? How can one achieve specific goals through Shakti practices?

A lot of people think that #Shakti is something #Feminine & all the Mudras, Asanas, Pranayamas, means all the hardcore, "Tapasya", they do is very masculine in nature. Learn through this course how important it is to understand and embody the Shakti to help you ascend spiritually. 

Understand all about the Deeksha or Initiation that happens through the Guru. How the Guru Tattva – the Guru element helps in removing the ignorance within and gives the wisdom of transformation.

Understand all about Deeksha/Initiation of Mother Kali / Goddess Kali - the Goddess of ultimate illusion destruction. She can shake the ignorance in a cruel way that you have got if it has to be that way. She is the ultimate Goddess of Love. She is the Goddess of Kaal/Kala - Time.

Understand all about Deeksha / Initiation of Goddess Saraswati – The Goddess of wisdom, giving people an ability to grasp wisdom. Know all about Neel Saraswati Deeksha / Initiation – Must for musicians or any other artist.

Learn all about Goddess Lakshmi Deeksha / Initiation – the Goddess of abundance. The spiritual journey can be walked by only those who are content within – being content with what you have. Goddess Lakshmi is also responsible for being content in your heart.

Course Contents
  1. Session 1 - 53 Minutes -  Understanding Shakti - How the Divine Feminine Principle helps you ascend spiritually?
  2. Session 2 - 25 Minutes - Goddess Saraswati | Neel Saraswati - Must for Artists
  3. Session 3 - 36 Minutes - Goddess Lakshmi | Abundance | Wealth
  4. Session 4 - 36 Minutes - Shakti Deeksha | Initiation - Guru Deeksha
  5. Session 5 - 32 Minutes - Goddess Kali - Ultimate Illusion, Ignorance Destroyer
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