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Exploring Chakras - Ancient Wisdom

Understanding the ancient wisdom about Chakras from the holistic perspective by learning associated psychological patterns (Vasanas/Chitta-Vrittis). Exploring the architecture inside out of seven main Chakras and six healing chakras. 

15,000+ people have completed this course

Duration - 4 Hours



Video Course

Advanced Level

Language - English

Why understanding all about the seven main Chakras is so important? How learning about six minor chakras & six healing chakras can benefit you?

Most people focus on seven main Chakras from the Etheric body layers perspective only and miss out on learning and exploring from the holistic purpose by understanding the five-sheath human design, understanding the impact of Chakra Blockages. It's important to understand the Mind-Body patterns (Vasanas/Chitta-Vrittis) attached to each Chakra to be able to remove the Chakras blockages and further transform yourself. 


Hardly anyone teaches & focuses on six minor chakras and six Healing Chakras, which are crucial in the spiritual journey of a seeker and of a normal person to maintain a healthy body-mind. 

Living the worldly life with open & closed Chakras makes a lot of difference in the fulfilment of desires and the purpose of life. 

Once you open & balance the Chakras, can they close again? How to handle that? How to navigate safely without pitfalls? How to permanently balance a Chakra and rise above?

All these questions are answered in detail in this course. 

Course Contents
  1. Session 1 - 35 Minutes - Root Chakra & Associated Patterns | Understanding Muladhara Chakra
  2. Session 2 - 15 Minutes - Sacral Chakra & Associated Patterns | Understanding Swadhisthana Chakra
  3. Session 3 - 17 Minutes - Solar Plexus Chakra & Associated Patterns | Manipura Chakra
  4. Session 4 - 23 Minutes - Heart Chakra & Associated Patterns | Anahata Chakra Awakening
  5. Session 5 - 17 Minutes - Throat Chakra & Associated Patterns - Vishuddhi Chakra Awakening
  6. Session 6 - 07 Minutes - Third Eye Chakra & Associated Pattern | Awakening Ajna Chakra
  7. Session 7 - 04 Minutes - Sahasrara Chakra & Fulfilment | Crown Chakra | Samadhi | Enlightenment
  8. Session 8 - 45 Minutes - 6 Minor Chakras - #GuruChakra #KalaChakra #JivaChakra #ManasChakra #TaluChakra #NirvanaChakra
  9. Session 9 - 21 Minutes - Chakras And Living In The World | Transform Yourself & Transform The World
  10. Session 10 - 20 Minutes - Six Healing Chakras #TejasChakra #OjasChakra #Sanjivani #Urja #Ayush #HarshaChakra
  11. Session 11 - 15 Minutes - Can Chakras Block Again? How to permanently balance a Chakra?
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