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Invoke the Real You

A unique program to understand all that you are not; and all that you are. Through the methods of Echoflection (Echo & Reflection) bring your Unconscious out in open, remove the blockages, break the boundaries, uncover the lamps and let the light shine bright. Let the Real You live the life!


This is a unique course for courageous ones, who would like to see the unseen, know the unknown and shed their false self. Facing all that you thought was "you" could be challenging and intimidating. With the help of Adiguru Prakriti you learn to tread the waters safely, you learn to ride the waves of darkness with ease. Her helping hand, her guidance & support is there with you during the journey of your transformation. 

Session 1 - Human Existence & Architecture

Session 2 - Individual Separated Existence | The False Self 

Session 3 - True Self & its Characteristics

Session 4 -  Echo & Reflection | Methodology | Applying Techniques

Each session is of an hour. 

Program Fees

AUD $ 799



Invoke the Real You

understand your projections

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