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Mystery of Diseases

Why do diseases happen? What is the root cause of the disease? Who becomes the prey of terminal illnesses? What is the connection between psychological patterns and diseases? Decoding all about Diseases and preventing them with Adiguru Prakriti.

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Duration - 2 Hours



Video Course

Beginner Level

Language - English

How do diseases manifest into the human body? What is the root cause of diseases? How can one prevent major, life-threatening illnesses? What is the connection between diseases and psychological patterns?

Understanding the root cause of diseases, seeds of different kinds of health issues. The connection between psychological patterns and major health issues. Learning about prevention of psychological and psychosomatic sicknesses, like Anxiety, Depression, Dementia, Paranoia, Diabetes and many others. 

What to do and what not to do to live a healthy life with a healthy body & mind? Go on to the journey of the Mystery of diseases with Adiguru Prakriti in conversation with Abhayanta Yogi. 

Course Contents
  1. Session 1 - 17 Minutes - Your Existence - Root Cause of Diseases
  2. Session 2 - 14 Minutes - More about Root Cause of Diseases
  3. Session 3 - 16 Minutes - Sprouting the Seeds of Disease
  4. Session 4 - 09 Minutes - Other Seeds of Diseases
  5. Session 5 - 16 Minutes - Role of Karma in Newborn Child Diseases | Why Some Kids are born with Diseases?
  6. Session 6 - 14 Minutes - Karma and Different Diseases | Difference Between Kriya & Karma
  7. Session 7 - 09 Minutes - Various Types of Karma and Diseases | Karma & Diseases
  8. Session 8 - 08 Minutes - Where do Bhoga, Roga & Yoga Happen? Where do we experience Suffering and Pleasure?
  9. Session 9 - 08 Minutes - What's the relation between Prana Shakti and Disease
  10. Session 10 - 06 Minutes - Why does Disease re-occurs? | Disease Recurrence
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