Payment & Refund

Below are the details of Online Courses and payments, please note down the amount you need to pay. Please click the "Buy Now" button to pay for the Online Course. Payment terms and conditions and Refund policy is explained below, please take some time to read it. 


Payment is accepted through all major Credit/Debit Cards through Paypal. Paypal is highly secure and reliable payment gateway. Paypal allows accepting payment in any Currency and if you are in a different country then Paypal will show you the AUD (Australian Dollars) equivalent payment amount in your Currency that you will be paying towards a program. It is your responsibility to find out if your Bank/Credit Card merchant charges any extra fees or not towards International Transactions, though most of them do, you should make sure how much it will be for you.


If due to any reason you are not able to pay through the given payment mode, then we can discuss other modes of payment through the email -


  • All Online Courses are Non-Refundable except for Teacher Training Courses.

  • Only full payment is accepted, partial payments are not accepted. 

  • Fees are all-inclusive, there are no other hidden/undeclared charges/costs. 

  • Course Completion Certificates are "Soft Copy" only sent through Email. 

  • Teacher Training Courses are available to you for 2 months. After 2 months the login/access for the course expires.

  • All other courses (other than Teacher Training Courses) are available to you for 1 month. After 1 month the login/access for the course expires. 

  • Extension of login/access to course involves extra charges/fees according to the course and duration required and at times the request for extension is denied, hence please complete the course in given time duration. If you need to extend your access, please email us the Request with Justification & Valid Proofs at

Courses & Fees

Online Teacher Training Courses

  1. Yog Darshan - AUD $2100.00

  2. Samkhya Philosophy - AUD $2100.00

Other Online Courses

  1. Yoga Vashishtha - AUD $1499.00

  2. Nyaya Darshan (Science of Knowing & Proven Knowledge) - AUD $699.00

  3. Satyartha Prakash - The Light of Truth - AUD $799.00

  4. Panchakoshas (The 5 Sheaths) - AUD $599.00

  5. Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy - AUD $599.00

  6. Karma Yoga - AUD $499.00

  7. All about Samadhi - AUD $1199.00

  8. Practising Bhakti Yoga - AUD $499.00

  9. Principles of Kriya Yoga - AUD $499.00

  10. Dharana & Dhyana - AUD $499.00

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to make payment for the desired course(s). 


Cancellation requests must be made to us in writing by email at -

We are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne, Australia)


Teacher Training Courses

If you need to cancel your Teacher Training Courses for any reason, the following "strict" cancellation policy applies:

  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the purchase of the Teacher Training Course, 75% of the purchase amount will be refunded. 

  • If you cancel within 3 days of the purchase of the Teacher Training Course, 50% of the purchase amount will be refunded. 

  • After 3 days of the purchase of the Teacher Training Course NO-REFUNDS are made. 

Other Courses

For Online Courses no refunds are made. But if due to some reason, you’re unable to do the Online Course it is transferable to another person at no extra cost, within similar time-duration. Please email us to advise of the new candidate's name and contact details. This can be done only once. Any further changes will incur extra charges and/or request may be denied. 



You are entitled to a full refund for a Course in the following circumstances:

  • If we cancel/take-down the Course for which you have already paid.

  • If we reschedule the Course's availability at future date and you cannot or do not wish to do it on the rescheduled future date.​



​For other Terms & Conditions of Payments please visit our LEGAL web page and also read our other Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  

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