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Foundational Elements of Human Existence | An Introduction to Samkhya Philosophy

Understanding the basic elements of human existence through the ancient Indian Samkhya Philosophy. Learning about the existence from Microcosm to Macrocosm. Know important characteristics of Intellect and Mind that will help you take better decisions throughout your life.

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Duration - 2.5 Hours



Video Course

Beginner Level

Language - English

Why learning about the foundational elements of human existence is important? How does it help to live a better life?
Course Contents
  1. Session 1 - 21 Minutes - Basic Elements of Your Existence
       How many elements are you made up of? Do you know the basic elements of your existence? Understand the
       existence from Microcosm to Macrocosm.
   2. Session 2 - 25 Minutes - The most important element of Intellect - Mahat Tattva - Buddhi Element
       What does Buddhi/Intellect really mean? Learn important characteristics of Buddhi/Intellect that will help you make
       better decisions throughout your life. 
   3. Session 3 - 1 Hour 5 Minutes - Advanced level of Elements - Manas, Chitta, Gyanendriya, Karmendriya, Tanmatra,
       Understand in detail the meaning and function of Manas, Chitta, Gyanendriya, Karmendriya, Tanmatra, and Pancha
       Bhoota in Human Existence.
  4. Session 4 - 11 Minutes - Mathematics of Gunas (Spiritual Virtues)
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