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Introduction to Vedanta (Brahma Sutras)

Understanding ancient Indian wisdom of Vedanta, also known as Brahma Sutras. Demystify what-is; to be able to directly point out the unchanging truth in everything. Uncover the truth of Self, rise above your limitation and transform yourself. 

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Duration - 1 Hour



Video Course

Beginner Level

Language - English

Vedanta is the goal or the path?
What is Vedanta? Why is it called Brahm Sutras? What is the purpose of life? How to transform oneself and move beyond all limitations?

Understanding Vedanta which was propounded by ancient Indian sage Maharishi Ved Vyas. Learn the meaning of the term Vedanta and Brahma Sutras which is often wrong all over the Internet. Through this ancient wisdom, uncover the Truth, permanent existential reality and rise above all limitations and boundaries to truly transform yourself. 

Course Contents
  1. Session 1 - 1 hour - In-depth Introduction to Vedanta
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